Carrier support base – Twalcom®

Carrier support base – Twalcom®


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04/06, 07/12


The TT® carrier support base that we manufacture is the first of a wide range of modular carriers. It comes to you with large grip handles for the passenger, complying with 92/61/EEC – 93/32/EEC – 1999/24/EC directives – and is built with top quality materials. The special feature of the TT® support base is to allow for the assembly of the carrier plate of the size you need and fit for the circumstance, without changing the centre of gravity of your. It is, as a matter of fact, as much as 8 cm. lower compared with the original GS pack-carrier. The lower centre of balance dramatically improves your driving when you have a full load. It provides stainless steel inserts and screws with self-blocking surfacing. It does not limit the use of the original side cases. Not to be used with original BMW top cases.

Directions: crystal-clear directions, drawn up in Italian, with photos.

Notes: getting onto the GS is often a problem for less tall drivers, 8 cm less to climb over make a difference!



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