Double bracket with variable length/width for Rally Kit chassis (76 mm brackets) – Twalcom®

Double bracket with variable length/width for Rally Kit chassis (76 mm brackets) – Twalcom®




Over the last few years we have designed, tested and industrialized a wide range of accessories dedicated to the panorama of Rally/Raid events. All accessories derive directly from the experience gained on the race fields and refined over the course of use.

Our bracket set is made of high-strength Ergal together with 3mm stainless steel bottom and top brackets. and was specifically designed to keep the weight as low as possible but above all with a view to the best possible assembly ergonomics, making adjustment and fixing simple and very quick. The set of brackets has been designed for mounting on the frame of our Rally Kit Extreme, E-Light and Adventure-Light (all already prepared) but can also be used in all cases where there is the possibility of fixing two lower supports to a horizontal, oblique or vertical plane.

The length of 76 mm. in addition to the possibility of rotation on two different axes and the further possibility of adjusting the lower (two positions) and upper (three positions) positioning, it allows you to always find the best possible adjustment for the benefit of maximum visibility.

Color: Black. Weight: 350 g. (screws included).

The package includes: 2 Ergal brackets (76 mm long), 3 mm stainless steel lower/upper brackets, upper and lower vibration dampers and stainless steel screws.

To use the bracket set in combination with supports or slides for electronic equipment with a total weight exceeding 700 grams, it is strongly recommended to combine it with the reinforced steel frame (AA.03.03089.000.001).



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