GB525XSO Chain – RK

GB525XSO Chain – RK


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Dimensions Chain

120 mg., 124 mg.


The ideal application of RK Performance RX-Ring GB525XSO chains is for off-road riding, thanks to type ‘RX’ seal rings, with four contact points, two zones for placing lubricant and a stabilising reinforcement rib: this is an evolution of traditional X-rings, allowing for high resistance to heat and abrasion, and for chain life to be 30% longer than that of a corresponding round section, O-ring chain. Designed especially for cross-country, enduro-, rally- and supermotard-motorbikes up to 900 cc, they are the best thing for your motorbike.

Technical features:

RX-Ring – GB (gold-coloured external plates) –  Links to be riveted (standard) – Joint links (optional)

Weight 120 MG (124 MG): kg. 2.3 (kg. 2,35).



Chain maintenance:

a final transmission chain is one of the most important components for both motorbike and motorcyclist’s safety. This organ endures continual stress, due to environmental agents and to the heat developed by high rotation speeds: only through continual controls and adequate maintenance, can you attain the performances you expect from it in terms of reliability and limited energy absorption. Visual inspection.

Check frequently:
smooth running of articulations (links must move freely); plates, rollers, pins and o-rings must not be damaged; o-rings, rollers, little springs of joint (if foreseen) must all be present; the little spring of the joint (if foreseen) must not be too worn out.
Control and resumption of tension degree:
first, control and resume the correct degree of tension after the first 80-100 km of use of your new chain, and, subsequently, every 300-400 km. Controls are carried out after centre-lining the middles of  pinion – pin of the big fork and-  back wheel -, and by verifying that free swing of the mean point of the lower part of the chain measures about 10-15 mm.
Wear control: 
– Submit the upper part of the chain to the proper degree of tension. 
2 – Detect chain length by measuring with a calliper, or a line – for the 520, 525, 530 and 532 chains, a stretch of 16 links, and check that it doesn’t exceed 256.5 mm for chains with no o-rings, and 255 mm for chains with o-rings – for 415, 420 and 428 chains, a length of 23 links, and check that it doesn’t exceed a 295 mm measure for chains with no o-rings, and 293.5 mm for chains with o-rings. 
3 – Correct measurement of stated number of links is carried out from the centre of one pin to that of the 16th (or of the 23rd) subsequent pin, depending on chain size. 
4 – NOTE: modern chain manufacturing technologies have caused old control procedures to be totally ineffective, e.g.: measurement of the side arrow, or even worse, proof of side flapping of the upper part of chain when strongly shaken. Such systems make even a new chain look worn out.


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