Healight Guard R1200/1250-GS/ADV-LC – Twalcom®

Healight Guard R1200/1250-GS/ADV-LC – Twalcom®




DOT 626 M4 00 AS6 Approved – 100% Made in Italy

This robust protection by extremly original design is designed specifically to give maximum protection to the main headlight by making the application simple and reversible in a few seconds. The mounting is in fact made with quick inserts on rubber anti-vibration mounts.

Designed and manufactured by us, it consists of two pieces that allow easy assembly and easy cleaning of the main headlight plastic. No screws and/or utensils are needed for the removal of protection. Thanks to the quick press inserts, the front protection can be removed in 3 seconds.

The Headlight Guard is made of high quality materials and comes complete with quick-release spacers, rubber anti-vibration mounts and stainless steel screws. Structure: Support, steel protected with high strength epoxy acrylic paints; Guard, 4 mm Altuglas Approved DOT 626 M4 AS6.

Weight: 375 g. (screws included).

Instructions: clear Italian instructions with photos. The Headlight Guard can be mounted on: R1200/1250-GS/ADV-LC and also R1250 GS/ADV M.Y. 2021 – 40°.

For use on public roads The Headlight Guard must be removed.



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