High Performance Racing Decat (Not Approved) KTM 790ADV-R – Twalcom®

High Performance Racing Decat (Not Approved) KTM 790ADV-R – Twalcom®


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“Pierluigi Ghigo Valentini 1° Classificato Classe E Campionato Italiano Motorally 2019”

Over the past few years we have designed, tested and industrialized a wide range of accessories dedicated to Rally and Motorally races. All accessories derive directly from the experience gained on the competition fields and refined during use.

In this specific case, the “DECAT” fitting TT® by Twalcom Racing for 790ADV and Rally derives directly from the experience gained throughout the 2019 Italian Motorally Championship.

The use of the “DECAT” fitting not only emphasizes the torque and the promptness of power output, it also saves over 2.5 kg. of weight and above all to completely free the swingarm area completely closed by the original decatalyst.

In Offroad driving the original catalyst forms a sort of “dam” where it accumulates in large quantities and “cooks” dirt and above all mud. With the “DECAT” fitting, all this no longer happens and the mud is free to flow freely downwards.

In addition to being perfectly interchangeable with the headers and the original exhaust, it does not require modifications or adaptations of the system.

Warning: the “DECAT” fitting is for Racing use only. It is not approved for road use.

The “DECAT” fitting emphasizes its peculiarity in combination with the following accessories:

AA.02.02949.002.011 – TT® – OFFROAD mudguard kit for rear shock absorber KTM 790ADV / R
AA.02.02968.002.011 – TT® – Hard Enduro Engine Guard “DECAT” for 790ADV / R





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