Keep Wheels for the Expedition 2 loading plate – Twalcom®

Keep Wheels for the Expedition 2 loading plate – Twalcom®


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This article was successfully tested during Transamerica 2008: 15,000 km, 4,500 of which extending on unpaved roads, in 28 days.

These extremely robust stainless steel supports change the Expedition 2 loading plate into an exclusive positioning and haulage system for two spare tyres.

The set comprises 3 stainless steel supports and 3 extremely robust straps, as much as 40 mm. wide and equipped with aluminium buckles.

The supports are mounted quickly and in a very easy way into the appropriate threaded, stainless steel inserts, placed on the plate right from the beginning. Moreover, the particular straps used allow for an extremely quick and perfect fastening of the tyres: all you need are 10 seconds to fasten the tyres perfectly, and no fluttering straps.

Besides this, the special position of the supports on the plate contributes to optimising both trim while driving, and the approach of masses to the natural centre of gravity of your motorbike.

Directions: crystal-clear directions, drawn up in Italian, with photos.



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