OFFROAD Luggage Rack for R1200/1250 GS/ADV-LC – Twalcom®

OFFROAD Luggage Rack for R1200/1250 GS/ADV-LC – Twalcom®



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Special Parts Colors

Black, Electric Blue, Silver


Only in conjunction with the Rally Saddle – Optional original BMW accessory (art. 77348523744)

This sturdy luggage rack is fixed directly to the bike frame and has been specifically designed for use with the Rally saddle, an optional original BMW accessory. The plate, in addition to being built with top quality materials, allows you to have a large loading area suitable for even the heaviest loads. The system is made up of a very sturdy luggage rack already prepared with numerous and wide slots for the secure attachment of a soft bag for OFFROAD use.

The structure is compact and designed with the aim of centralizing all the masses. This translates into greater stability and agility of the bike and less load transfer during braking and acceleration.
Besides all this we believe that the R1200GS / ADV-LC as well as the R1250GS / ADV-LC in this configuration are extraordinarily essential, gritty, sporty. . . beautiful!

Available in the colors: Silver, Black and Electric Blue

Structure: 5 mm peralluman plate. equipped with spacers with anti-vibration and stainless steel screws with self-locking insert.

The assembly of the OFFROAD Luggage Rack requires the removalof the passenger handles.

Instructions: clear instructions in Italian with photos.


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