Hard Enduro Engine Guard Yamaha T-700 – Euro 5 – Twalcom®

Hard Enduro Engine Guard Yamaha T-700 – Euro 5 – Twalcom®


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Special Parts Colors

Black, Electric Blue, Silver


NEW – EURO 5 – “PROTECTED DESIGN by Akran Intellectual Property”

Over the last few years we have designed, tested and industrialized a wide range of accessories dedicated to the panorama of Rally / Raid events. All accessories derive directly from the experience gained on the competition fields and refined during use.

This extremely robust skid plate derives from the experience already gained during the 2020 Italian Motorally Championship and has been designed and produced to offer maximum protection to the catalyst of the new Euro 5 exhaust manifolds and to the engine block, thus allowing you to safely tackle any type of track.

In addition to this, the particular and aggressive design gives the Ténéré 700 a decidedly racing look. Particular attention was also paid to heat dissipation during the design. With the bike in motion, the large front and side slots help to increase the heat output and the large lower slots make it possible to perfectly clean the engine block. The mud, earth and sand that can accumulate during OFFROAD outings will be eliminated easily and quickly. In addition to this, the skid plate is equipped with front-side protections of the DX + SX engine casings that are removable and easily replaceable in the event of a fall, protection of the link and of the joint of the side stand.

The Hard Enduro Skid Plate is built with premium quality materials. Main structure in Peraluman 5 mm. fixed to the frame and to the engine in 8 points to evenly distribute every impact and rubber pad to protect the oil pan. It is complete with sturdy 3 and 4 mm stainless steel brackets with anti-vibration elastic supports and screws with self-locking insert. It mounts quickly and easily without any modification to other parts of the bike.

Available in colors: Silver, Black and Electric Blue.

Instructions: clear instructions in Italian with photos.

The Hard Enduro Skid Plate E5 is ready also for the additional lateral protections ofthe Right and Left engine casing and of the link (Optional. See product data scheets Cod. AA.02.03106.006.004 e AA.02.03107.006.004).

Engine crankcase side guards not included.

Product code: AA.02.03106.006.004

Lower linkage protection not included.

Product code: AA.02.03107.006.004


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