Raid cylinder guard R1200GS/ADV. M.Y. 10/12 – Twalcom®

Raid cylinder guard R1200GS/ADV. M.Y. 10/12 – Twalcom®


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Special Parts Colors

Black, Silver


Only for R1200GS/ADV. M.Y. 2010/12

The Raid cylinder guards we designed and produce prove to be indispensable to increase the protection of cylinder lids. The exclusive design, the high front board (or band) and the side, anti-impact protection, prove to be indispensable in case of a fall or of the capsizing of your motorcycle. Whoever has experienced such a sad event knows very well what we mean. It is applied with no modification and without disassembling other parts of the motorcycle. It comes complete with stainless steel brackets and screws.

It can be mounted also together with the original cylinder guard made of tubular profile.

Structure: Peralluman 4 mm. internally coated with 5 mm. of damping material to further protection of the outer cover of the cylinder heads.

Directions: crystal-clear directions, in Italian, with photos.



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