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Cupolini colors

Light Smoke, Transparent


“PROTECTED DESIGN by Akran Intellectual Property”

“Pierluigi Ghigo Valentini 1st Class G Class Italian Motorally Championship 2020”

“Niccolò Pietribiasi 3rd Classified Class G Italian Motorally Championship 2020”

4 Led headlights (2 x 10 ° + 2 x 25 °) with approval 10R-05.E9.22034 CE – Windscreen height mm. 400 with DOT 626 M5 32 AS7 approval – No modification is necessary for assembly – 100% Plug and Play – Sturdy and light structure only Kg. 2,670 (Racing version with RB slide).

With our Rally Kit ADVENTURE PRO-Q equipped with windscreen with height mm. 400, two high-brightness LED lights, 12V socket. with double USB and predisposition for GPS support, your bike will be ready to face any type of trip and Raid. You will have greater aerodynamic protection, greater field of vision, greater safety in all situations of poor visibility. The slide already supplied allows the assembly not only of the OEM multifunction tool but also of the electrified base for a Garmin Montana 600, 700 and XT GPS. Alternatively, it can be configured in the RACING version with Roadbook slide (optional) and F2R – PowerBox control unit (optional) with the exclusion of the OEM multifunction instrument. Everything is already in place.

For our Rally Kit ADVENTURE PRO-Q we have chosen the new 4 LED Vision-X headlights particularly suitable for this type of installation as well as quality guaranteed by the 50,000 hours that Vision-X itself certifies. The new 4-LED Vision-X headlights are in our opinion to date for high heat resistance, brightness, exceptional brilliance and double-wide field of view (2 x 10 ° and 2 x 25 ° for each headlight) , as well as the incredible strength and durability, among the best LED headlights on the market and also guaranteed by the Vision-X quality.

The package includes: stainless steel frame support brackets, anodized aluminum structure prepared for fixing the original instrumentation, sled fixing bracket with predisposition for electrified base mounting for Garmin Montana 600,700 and XT GPS in anodized aluminum – 12V side socket. with double USB – High thickness windscreen, height mm. 400 with adjustable inclination and DOT 626 M5 32 AS7 approval – 2 lights 4 LED Vision-X (2.115 lm. (RAW) – 1.480 lm. With Polycarbonate lens – 4 x 5w. – DC9-32v.) Amplitude 2×10 ° + 2×25 ° for each headlight complete with fixing / adjustment brackets and dedicated wiring “Made in Twalcom” plug and play ready for direct connection to the original Yamaha connector and ignition selectable directly from the supplied switch – electrical assembly material and assembly instructions.

Further combinable accessories: by combining the accessories of the Rally line it is possible to transform the ADVENTURE PRO-Q Rally Kit into a real “RACING RALLY KIT”. Thanks to the particular project, the structure is already prepared for the assembly of the Roadbook support slide (both MD / Migtec and F2R) for the relative Trip Computers and is also already pre-arranged for the assembly of the F2R electronic control unit thanks to which the transition from GPS mode to Roadbook / Trp Computer mode it will take no more than 20 minutes.

Led headlights: 24 months warranty.

For more information, consult the product sheet relating to the 4 LED VISION-X High Performance headlights and the matching accessories. For any further information do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to show you the potential of our product.

Attention: the Garmin electrified base visible in the photo is not included in the kit but is intended for demonstration purposes only.



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