Set of 2 straps for Expedition 1 loading plate – Twalcom®

Set of 2 straps for Expedition 1 loading plate – Twalcom®


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Our exclusive TT® straps were designed to promptly fix all kinds of luggage to the Expedition 1 plate. As much as 40 mm. wide, they are made with top quality materials, equipped with an aluminium buckle, and specific end parts made of Velcro®.

The peculiarity of the straps produced according to our exclusive design consists in their having four adjustment possibilities; by acting on the adjustments, your luggage will always be well fixed and perfectly adherent to the loading base. Fluttering straps will be quickly forgotten! The large range to choose among, their handiness and special robustness make them the right thing for all types of luggage and all kinds of trips.

Should the standard size not meet your requirements, just because of the special way our straps are manufactured, you’ll always be able to match variously long straps, thus creating your “own ideal strap”.

The set comprises:
1 strap – Width: mm. 40 Length: mm. 800 (maximum extension size);
1 strap – Width: mm. 40 Length: mm. 600 (maximum extension size).

The difference in length of the straps is due to the particular tapered shape of the loading plate. Also provided are 2 handy little straps to secure the straps, when not used, made of One-wrap strap® continual ribbon.

For possible and further combinations, read the section titled: “Straps and Elastics”.



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