TT-O, front Fork Cartridges Kit for F800GS/ADV M.Y. 2013/17 – Andreani Group®

TT-O, front Fork Cartridges Kit for F800GS/ADV M.Y. 2013/17 – Andreani Group®


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The brand Andreani Group does not need any introduction and for suspension and shock absorbers can be considered one of the world specialists of reference.The complete kit cartridges TT-O to fork F800GS/ADV M.Y 2013/15 (WP 43) is calibrated specifically to Andreani Group on ns / and specifications. It offers the possibility, even the most demanding riders, to have the calibration of the fork customized to their weight and their driving characteristics proving perfect in every situation, even the most heavy.


This particular kit was created expressly for the F800GS/ADV M.Y 2013/15 (WP 43) and has been subjected to heavy full load test, carried out in all weather conditions even in the most extreme ones. It has been tested on all types of terrain, long distances and dirt roads.  It is the best you can mount on your bike and is the fork kit ideal for large travel 360 °.

Settings: Manual spring preload; hydraulic adjustment of compression and rebound.

To purchase you have two options:


1 – you can buy the kit only cartridges + springs, which can be easily fitted by your trusted mechanic;

2 – you can ship with us the inner tubes that will be mounted back to perfection with the new cartridges + Kit springs.

At the time of purchase, to get the calibration dedicated to their driving style, you will have access to the configurator for the customized setting.



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