One heart with two cylinders

Believing in fantasy is not always easy.
Sometimes one has the impression of having lost his way, in spite of the maps which remain open after days of travel, the motors dismantled and remantled at record speed and the impossible itineraries imagined with friends.
Yet fantasy reappears, nourished by human and professional experiences capable of blending new adventures and traditional passions.
Twin Group was born in this way, in order to create the accessories indispensable to every true traveller: faithful companions, designed to fit any need, tested in grueling journeys in order to be indestructible.
Ready to interpret the wishes and needs of all passionate travelers, Twin Group has unique proposals to be renewed by means of constant comparison with its interlocutors.
Twin Group’s heart beats strong: two cilinders strong.

Geographic location

win Group is in Ferrara, Emilia Romagna, where the passion for motors is deeply engrained.
The passion for mechanics and speed has made this region one of the most important industrial poles in this sector: so much so that numerous prestigious foreign firms have chosen companies from Emilia Romagna due to the high quality of their offers, entrusting them with the creation of products in which attention to details reveals the excellence of manufacture.
In this great region-workshop, Twin Group was born..


Twin Group is the result of a training process begun more than thirty years ago in the ambit of the electromechanical industry.
In our family company, we have designed and created molds, designed and utilized mechanical and pneumatic presses, welding robots and laser cutting machines, elaborated rustproof steel and aluminum, assembled electrical and electronical components.
Thanks to diverse production lines, we have improved techniques of quick packaging, warehouse logistics and shipping organization.
And today, we launch this new adventure, with a passion that, thanks to experience ripened with time, has resulted in great undertakings.

Our Rally Love

The rough roads, the mud, the sand, the races, the navigation are our passion since forever.
In the last 16 years these passion brought us to love and live the world of Rally, to breath the smell of burnt oil, to get our hands dirty without fear, to drink under a weak light, in harmony with friends, riders and natural environment. The magic atmosphere that revolves around the rally competitions is something we cannot and never want to give up.