Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

In the creation of the website www.twalcom.com, the greatest care has been taken. Nevertheless, Twin Group cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of the information contained within. In case of direct and indirect damage caused by improper use of this site, Twin Group will assume no responsibility unless it recognizes its own grave negligence and irregularity in the matter. Twin Group, in its own judgement, recerves the right to undertake, in any given moment, modifications of the technical characteristics, the current price list, the insertion and withdrawal of sales items. For all products present on the site is valid the “e;except in case of merchandise depletion”e; clause. All data contained and all images must not be considered to be binding. Eventual translation errors are not to be imputed to Twin Group.


  • The contract stipulated between Twin Group and all its customers must be considered to go into effect upon the acceptation, even if only partial, of the order by Twin Group.Said acceptation will be tacit if not otherwise communicated in some way to the customer. By signing an order in the various ways foreseen (online order form, fax, e-mail), the customer declares to have seen and to be aware of all the indications furnished to him during the purchasing procedure, and to accept completely the general and payment conditions indicated in written form. If the customer is a final consumer (that is, an individual who purchases merchandise for purposes not linked to his own professional activity and without specifying any VAT), once concluded the online purchase procedure, he must preserve the present general sales conditions according to that indicated in Articles 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree 185/1999 concerning sales at a distance.The customer will have no right to compensation for damages or indemnity, nor will he have any contract or extra-contract responsibility for direct or indirect damages to persons and/or things, provoked by the partial or total lack of acceptation of an order by Twin Group.Those who acquire by correspondence in the name of other purchasers (commissioners) completely accept the conditions here indicated.



  • The Customer may purchase only those products present in the online Shop at the time of sending the order, visible at the address www.twalcom.com, and as described in the relative informative cards. Twin Group is committed to describing, with the greatest precision, the products in its catalogue; nevertheless, let it be understood that the image on cards which describe products may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics, but may differ in color, dimensions, and accessories. All information indicated on the purchase support cards must be understood as simple generic informative material, not refering to the real characteristics of a single product.
    Customers, for a swifter, more accurate order, may complete the automatic form present in the online Shop; otherwise, he may send an email or fax indicating always with the greatest precision his personal data (name, surname, tax code, address, postal code, city, nation, phone number, e-mail address), which must always be perfectly legible and complete. In addition, he must always specify the article, description, color and vehicle on which the item will be installed, the year of construction of the vehicle, the mode of payment and the chosen type of shipment.
    For orders sent by the online Shop, an automatic confirmation will be sent for the reception of the order to the e-mail address communicated by the Customer. Said message of confirmation will include the Date and Time of execution of the order, the Order Number and Customer Number, to be utilized in all ulterior communications with Twin Group except the possibility of registration which will allow the Customer to be automatically recognized by Twin Group, and the automatic compilation of his own general information for every successive order. The message restates all the data inserted by the Customer, who must verify the accuracy of said data and must promptly communicate eventual corrections, according to the ways described in this document. For orders sent by e-mail or fax, no order confirmation is required.
    In case of the lack of partial or complete acceptance of the order, Twin Group guarantees prompt communication of this to the Customer.
    The Customer, at the time of sending his order to Twin Group, declares contextually to accept the present general sales conditions.



  • The prices indicated must be understood in terms of the Euro, not including legal VAT. The price list which is current at the time of ordering is that indicated in the online Shop. Prices may vary at any moment; each variation annuls the preceding one. The amount owed by the Customer will be that indicated on the order confirmation. The customer will owe nothing beyond the sum indicated at the time of ordering.
    Payment may be made in the following ways: Cash, Postal Check, Bank Transfer, Credit Card.
    In case of purchases in cash, the payment must be effected exclusively in currency or banker’s draft (only for sums over 1000 Euros).
    In case of the choice of anticipated payment by Postal Check, the merchandise ordered by the Customer will remain with the company until receipt of proof of payment, to be sent to Twin Group (via fax or e-mail) up to and not later than 3 working days from the date of acceptance of the order. The sending of the merchandise ordered will take place only when Twin Group’s postal bank account has received the amount owed (this procedure may take up to 15 days). The Postal Check must be addressed to : Twin Group S.N.C. di Bergamini Mario & C.- corso porta Po, 144 – 44100 Ferrara – ITALY. The account number to indicate must be: 77122125; the causal description of the Postal Check must include the following: 1) order number; 2) order date; 3) customer code. It must also indicate, always, who has effected it: the name, surname and address of the person who made the order.
    In case of payment by Anticipated Bank Transfer, the merchandise ordered by the Customer will remain with the company until receipt of proof of transfer, to be sent to Twin Group (via fax or e-mail) up to and not later than 3 working days from the date of acceptance of the order. The sending of the merchandise ordered will take place only upon receipt in Twin Group’s bank account of the sum owed, which must take place within 7 working days from the acceptance of the order.This time having expired, the order will be automatically annulled. The bank transfer must be addressed to: Twin Group S.n.c. di Bergamini Mario & C. – Corso Porta Po, 144 – 44100 Ferrara – ITALY; the bank coordinates will be: Unicredit Banca S.p.a. .- Ag.Ferrara Spadari � CIN Z ABI 02008 CAB 13030 C/C 000010594398 (per Clienti Italia) – IBAN IT 12 Z 02008 13030 000010594398 – SWIFT o CODICE BIC UNCRIT2BNR0 (for Foreign Clients). The causal description of the bank transfer must include the following:1) order number; 2) order date; 3) customer code; it must also indicate, always, who has effected it: the name, surname and address of the person who made the order.
    In case of payment by credit card, Twin Group will accept payments by Visa and Mastercard. Payment may be made directly online through the protected site www.twalcom.com by inserting in the suitable form the Customer’s personal data, Card number and the expiration date of said card. Twin Group does not accept credit card payment in modes different from those indicated above. Twin Group declines all personal responsability for sensitive data sent by the customer in a way which differs from that indicated. For a safe purchase with your credit card by means of the www.twalcom.com site, Twin Group uses anti-fraud security measures for purchases in Internet “Verified by Visa” and “MasterCard SecureCode”. Verify in the sites of your credit card (www.cartasi.it, www.bancamericard.it, etc.), how to make your credit card safe or utilize prepaid cards. Payment with a credit card is quicker, assuring you the charge of the payment for the goods exactly on the date of shipment and only for the goods shipped (in case of down payment)



  • Shipments inside Italy will be effected by accelerated postal packages (accelerated postal pack 3, to be delivered by SDA) or by express delivery service. Twin Group insures all shipments, free of charge.
    For all orders effected in the online Shop at www.twalcom.com, Twin Group will issue an invoice accompanying the material shipped, sending this only to the person who made the order according to Article 14, Presidential Decree 445/2000. For the emission of said invoice, data furnished by the Customer at the time of ordering is used. After the issuing of the invoice, it will be impossible to modify it. The shipping expenses must be borne by the Customer, and will be quantified according to the volume/weight ratio of the material to be shipped, as well as according to the mode of payment chosen.
    All shipments (with the sole exception of registered packages) effected by Twin GROUP are insured, with the scope of guaranteeing a 100% reimbursement of the merchandise shipeed in case of loss or damage.For orders effected through the online Shop. the cost of shipping is automatically calculated and indicated in the purchase details according to the following scheme (fixed rate+ variable rate + eventual charges for currency):





    € 13,00 + iva *



    € 5,00 + iva *


    * For orders placed through the online shop, the cost of shipping is calculated automatically and highlighted in the purchase details according to the following scheme
    (fixed rate + variable rate + any costs for cash on delivery + VAT).
  • Delivery in italy
    Shipments in Italy will be made by Accelerated Postal Package 3, to be delivered by SDA, or by express delivery services. Twin Group insures all shipments free of charge.
    The time necessary for shipments is approximately 3/4 working days for merchandise available in the warehouse; for unavailable merchandise, approximately 15 days. In case of partial availability of the merchandise ordered, Twin Group will ship that which is available within 15 days; the remainder will be successively shipped without any additional shipping or packaging charge. Credit card charges will be effected only at the time of invoicing and shipment, exclusively for the material which was effectively sent.
    Twin Group imposes no minimum order charge.
    Delivery charges must be borne by the Customer, and are explained clearly and explicitly at the time of ordering from the online Shop at www.twalcom.com. Payment of the goods by the Customer will be effected by means of the mode chosen when placing the order. Nothing more will be owed by the Customer with respect to the total sum of the order indicated at the conclusion of the purchasing procedure. No responsibility may be imputed to Twin Group in case of delay in the execution of the order or in the delivery of the goods ordered. Except by explicit indication from our Customer Service, the delivery is to be understood as made in front of the door or gate of the customer�s home, not carried to upper floors of the building. At the moment of delivery of the merchandise by the delivery service, the customer must check: 1) that the number of packages being delivered corresponds to that indicated in the transportation document; 2) that the packaging is intact, not damaged, wet or otherwise altered; this also applies to the adhesive tape and other fasteners. Eventual transportation damages or the lack of correspondence of the number of packages or indications must be immediately pointed out to the delivery manwho has brought the merchandise; the protest must be presented in writing. Lack of observation of the procedure impedes the definition of transportation damages. Once signed the delivery document, the Customer cannot any longer protest about the external characteristics of the goods delivered. Eventual problems inherent to the physical integrity, correspondence or completeness of the products received must be reported within 8 days of the delivery, according to the modes indicated in this document.
    Should the material stored in the delivery service’s warehouses not be delivered within 5 working days due to the reiterated impossibility of consigning it to the address indicated by the Customer at the time of placing the order, said order will be automatically annulled. If payment has been effected in anticipation of a refund of the sum paid, there will be a detraction of the expenses incurred for the shipment of the package, for storage and for the return of the package to the sender.
  • Deliveries abroad (european community and beyond)
    The forwarding deliveries will be effected by post or international delivery services. All customs charges and obligations must be borne by the Customer. Only Credit Card or anticipated Bank Transfer payments will be accepted.In this latter case, all banking charges must be borne by the Customer himself; Twin Group must receive the exact amount.The exact cost of the shipment must be calculated singularly, based on the typology of the merchandise to be acquired and the precise destination.
    Foreign Customers will receive e-mails confirming the total order, including the value of the goods and of the transportation.
    Twin Group does not impose any minimum order amount.
    Overseas shipments will be effected by Postal Package of by Express Delivery services. Customs charges and obligations must be borne by the customer. Cash payments are not accepted. However, it is possible to pay by Credit Card, according to the conditions indicated by Spedizioni Italia, and by anticipated Bank Transfer. In this latter case, packaging costs must be borne exclusively by the person who placed the order.
    In any case, the exact shipping costs will be singularly quantified and successively charged to the customer.



  • The Customer has the right to the restitution or substitution of material which has not been used and is still in its original packaging within 10 days from receipt of the merchandise. The shipment must be effected within 10 days at the customer’s expense, accompanied by a copy of the invoice and a declaration expressing his own will to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason, without being required to furnish explanations and without any penalty. Said declaration must also indicate the bank coordinates upon which to obtain the refund (CIN � ABI � CAB -12 number bank account or IBAN of the person addressed on the invoice).
    The entire value of the merchandise will be refunded, except the costs of transportation and credit card/bank transfer commissions.
    The right to restitution is subject to the following conditions: 1) this right is applied to the total of the products acquired; it is not possible to return only a part of said products. 2) The goods returned must be intact and returned in their original packaging, complete in all their parts (including the packaging and eventual documentation and accessories: manuals, cables etc. 3) As required by law, shipping expenses relative to the restitution of goods must be borne by the customer. 4) The shipment, until the receipt of the goods in our warehouses, is completely under the customer’s responsibility.
    The right to restitution will not be recognized, due to lack of the essential conditions of intactness of the goods (packaging and/or its contents), in those cases where Twin Group discovers: 1) damage to the product, not caused by its transportation; 2) the absence of elements of the product, for example accessories, cables, manuals, parts etc. 3) the lack of the original external or internal packaging. Whenever the necessary requisites for the right to restitution do not exist, Twin Group will directly return to the sender the merchandise acquired, charging to him the shipping costs.
    Qualora non esistessero i requisiti necessari per il diritto di recesso, Twin Group provvederà alla restituzione diretta al mittente del bene acquistato, addebitando allo stesso le spese di spedizione.
    Excluded from the right to restitution are goods which are have been personalized, tailor-made or manufactured according to the customer’s specific indications.



  • All products sold by Twin Group have a warranty against defects of 24 months from the purchase date if acquired by private customers for personal use, according to Legislative Decree 24/02. However, the warranty is for 12 months from the purchase date for products acquired by professional users. In order to have warranty assistance, the customer must conserve the original packaging and the purchase invoice, communicating in writing any eventual lacks or manufacturing defects found. Excluded from the warranty are products used in competition or for scopes or conditions for which they were not intended.



  • The merchandise delivered will remain the property of Twin Group until it has been paid for in full.



  • The sales contract between Twin Group and the customer will be understood to have been effected in Italy and regulated by Italian law.For the resolution of civil and penal controversies deriving from the conclusion of this sales contract, the exclusive territorial jurisdiction is that of the Ferrara Tribunal.



  • For any communication or request of contact relative to online purchases at the www.twalcom.com site, the exclusive addresses to contact are the following:
    info@twalcom.com – Tel: +39 375 7011622