Additional 12V. socket with wiring Right/Left – Twalcom®

Additional 12V. socket with wiring Right/Left – Twalcom®


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The ISO 4165 complete harness with ISO 4165 tap is an extremely useful accessory. With this accessory you can add an extra 12 V tap to your GS (placed near the handle-bar zone) to charge a phone, a radio or the GPS. When not used, the tap lid closes automatically to avoid infiltrations. Should it be necessary, you can mount more than one tap and add several power spots to your motorbike, this allows for the use or the recharging of several applications at the same time. Assembly is simple because of the handy drilling jig and the specific harnesses for your R1200GS. The length of the cable allows mounting either the left and right.

Directions: crystal-clear directions, drawn up in Italian, with photos, and a positioning mask. Max. range: 16A for 6 – 24V Fuse: mini 10 A. Length: cm. 116



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