Additional Fan Kit R1200-1250 GS/ADV-LC – Twalcom®

Additional Fan Kit R1200-1250 GS/ADV-LC – Twalcom®




“PROTECTED DESIG by Akran Intellectual Property”

NEW -“Reduces fan turning-on tmes by 40%, quickly reducing the working temperature”. The additional fan kit is part of a family of products aimed at limiting the heat perceived while using the motorcycle.

The additional fan kit for R1200-1250 GS/ADV-LC designed and manufactured by us is a very useful accessory. During use with temperatures medium / high the cooling fan is often switched on and for a long time. Not to mention the difficult situations that often arise during outings with a passenger, fully loaded, in the mountains, off-road. With our kit, the cooling times are halved for the benefit of the engine and the perceived temperature!

The kit consists of: additional fan compliant with CAN-BUS parameters, complete wiring (pre-wired with parallel ignition), steel fixing bracket, stainless steel screws and nuts with self-locking coating and clear instructions in Italian with photos.



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