Base for OEM Multifunction Display YAMAHA T-700 <2023 + GPS Garmin Montana 600/700-XT (VERT.) – Twalcom®

Base for OEM Multifunction Display YAMAHA T-700 <2023 + GPS Garmin Montana 600/700-XT (VERT.) – Twalcom®


FOR YAMAHA T-700 <2023

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FOR YAMAHA T-700 <2023


“PROTECTED DESIGN by Akran Intellectual Property”

FOR YAMAHA T-700 <2023

Over the last few years we have designed, tested and industrialized a wide range of accessories dedicated to the panorama of Rally / Raid events. All accessories derive directly from the experience gained on the competition fields and refined during use.

The support system designed and manufactured by us is simple, strong and light, allows the side-by-side mounting of the OEM Multifunction instrument of the Yamaha T-700 in combination with the Garmin electrified base for Montana 600, 700 and XT Series with portrait view.

This is all to the advantage of safety, as all the instruments are visible at the same level with a simple glance. In addition to this, the structure is already prepared for mounting the fixing support for Rugged Phone 5 “/6.5” (Code AA.02.03128.006.004) in the vertical position.

It can be mounted without disassembling any structural part of the bike (only the side fairings to facilitate the positioning and tightening of the screws) and does not require any replacement of parts of the bike that could compromise the warranty. It consists of a steel supporting frame, an aluminum slide and a reinforcing bracket that acts as a connecting element and further stiffening of the entire front supporting structure of the bike. It is simply mounted using positioning already present in the front structure.

The OEM + GPS Multifunction Display Sled is built with premium quality materials. Main structure and 2 mm steel reinforcement bracket. fixed to the original composite structure in 8 points to distribute every effort homogeneously and reducing any vibration to a minimum, 3 mm Peraluman sled. (with the possibility of changing the inclination of 5/10 °) fixed to the main support frame with 5 rubber antivibration mounts. It mounts in a simple way, without any modification to other parts of the bike and does not require the use of specialized labor.

Color: Black. Weight: only 635 grams.

Instructions: clear instructions in Italian with photos.




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