Basement side stand enlargement R1200GS-LC – Twalcom®

Basement side stand enlargement R1200GS-LC – Twalcom®



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Black/Black, Black/Electric Blue


The base side stand enlargement designed by us is manufactered from solid Ergal for excellent durability. Provides an adequate base of support for the side stand of the R1200 GS-LC and R1250GS-LC and also provides a robust and reliable reference especially when traveling at full load where they are known to travel on dirt roads and stopping and driving off-road. The support surface increases by over 100% compared to the original and the particular lower edge rounded enables optimum grip on every surface. In addition to this the thickness of less than 8 mm. also allows to reduce the inclination of the motorcycle thus reducing the effort required to elevation.


The enlargement of the base side stand is fully integrated with the design and the degree of finish of the bike and is made of thick Ergal “hard anodized”. Screws in stainless steel.


Colour: matt black and black matt/electric blu.


Instructions: clear instructions in Italian with photos.


Warning: as for the new R1200GS-LC Rally and R1250GS-LC HP version, the codes AA.02.01715.001.013 and AA.02.02681.001.013 can only be fitted in the standard version.

For the version with sport suspension, the codes must be mounted instead: AA.02.01978.001.014 and AA.02.02682.001.014.



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