Complete Electrical Wiring Multiplugs + Fuse Box (4 Mini fuse) – Twalcom®

Complete Electrical Wiring Multiplugs + Fuse Box (4 Mini fuse) – Twalcom®


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Over the last few years we have designed, tested and industrialized a wide range of accessories dedicated to Rally and Motorally races. All accessories derive directly from the experience gained on the competition fields and refined during use.

This wiring designed and manufactured by us allows the simple and fast connection of a complete electrical / electronic equipment for Rally / Raid and Motorally races. In fact, the wiring offers 4 identified users for the connection of any Road Book, Trip Computer, ERTF or GPS (depending on the type of race) to the electrical system of each type of motorcycle and also to have an additional free and protected user for any use he should make of it.

The harness is produced with top quality materials, watertight fuse holders and sheath further protected with high friction resistance sock for maximum protection of the harness in the steering head area.

The package includes: complete wiring (length 120 cm), with fuse box (4 minifuses) with two-way male / female connectors (watertight – super seal), 2 and 5A mini fuses. plus an additional watertight fuse holder near the positive connection for total protection of the entire system. The package is completed by various materials for assembly and clear instructions in Italian.



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