Complete UNI wiring for LED lights (universal) – Twalcom®

Complete UNI wiring for LED lights (universal) – Twalcom®


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DT Connectors, Tyco Super Seal


With the complete wiring for LED Lights (UNI) it is possible to mount any type of additional LED Lights on your motorcycle. The wiring is ready-assembled and already set up for the rapid connection of all the single parts, single parts with the sole exception of the connection terminals to the LED lights and of the front optical group.


The wiring was specifically designed to allow additional spotlights to be switched on only with the low-beam light on.


Instructions: clear instructions in Italian.


The package includes: complete wiring, watertight fuse holder + 15A fuse, 30A relay, current tap, high temperature sheath (for power cable inside the optical unit), watertight push button switch (with Blue LED power on indicator), waterproof connectors (DT Connectors or Tyco Super Seal) and assembly set (clamps + shrink tube). Wiring length: relay / battery connection: 85 cm; connection of handlebar switch / consent for low beam cm. 150; relay / mass connection cm. 30; relay / lighthouse connection right cm. 68; left relay / lighthouse connection cm. 88.


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