Double Bracket complete with GPS Support Base for Garmin 276CX/Montana + 1 ICO/RNS – Twalcom®

Double Bracket complete with GPS Support Base for Garmin 276CX/Montana + 1 ICO/RNS – Twalcom®


Staffe 70 mm.


Staffe 70 mm.

Additional information

GPS brackets

70 mm., 90 mm.


“PROTECTED DESIGN by Akran Intellectual Property”

Over the last few years we have designed, tested and industrialized a wide range of accessories dedicated to the panorama of Rally / Raid events. All accessories derive directly from the experience gained on the competition fields and refined during use.

The double bracket for GPS, designed and manufactured by us, has been specially made to allow a wide range of fixing positions. The particular construction allows a considerable freedom of positions :. It is in fact possible to fix the double bracket both internally and externally to the risers, with three further positions of the base. The double bracket can then be rotated, advanced or retracted as needed, making driving more intuitive and safe. The entire system has been specially designed to contain the weights as much as possible and with a view to the best possible assembly ergonomics, making adjustment and fastening simple and very fast.

The package includes: Ergal brackets with length mm. 70 or 90 mm. (for all handlebars ø 28 / 28.6), support base specially made for Garmin electrified bases for GPS Montana 600/700 series, 276CX, XT, made of 4 mm Peraluman. high resistance, upper anti-vibration mounts, and stainless steel screws.

In addition to this, the base has the further possibility of housing an ICO Racing or RNS type Trip Computer for all sporting events where necessary.

Color: Black. Weight: 450 g. (screws included).

The package includes clear instructions in Italian with photos.


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