Expedition 2 loading plate – Twalcom®

Expedition 2 loading plate – Twalcom®


Compatible with M.Y. 07/12

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Compatible with M.Y. 07/12

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04/06, 07/12


A product successfully tested during Transamerica 2008: 15,000 km, 4,500 of which along unpaved roads, in 28 days.

Passenger-less travel lovers will enjoy the concept that determined the launch of our exclusive Expedition 2 loading plate. The plate was designed specifically for long travels and to be an extremely solid base for placing 2 additional spare tyres (supports are optional) and your luggage.

The top quality material employed to manufacture it, the thickness which is as much as 4 mm, its direct fastening to the frame with as many as 10 fastening spots, the further back support made of stainless steel and the 10 buttonholes provided for the straps, make this plate a real beast of burden, apt for extreme trips. Moreover, the special position of the plate contributes to optimising both motorbike trim / attitude while you’re driving, and to approach masses to the natural centre of gravity of your vehicle.

It is provided with supports, accessories and stainless steel screws. To assemble the plate, you have to remove the original carrier, the support of the small trunk and the passenger’s saddle.

Structure: Peralluman  4 mm. – Available length: cm. 58 – Buttonholes: cm. 4.5

Directions: crystal-clear directions, drawn-up in Italian, with photos

Optional accessories.

AA.02.00018.001.003 – TT® Keep Wheels for the Expedition 2 loading plate

AB.06.00302.000.000 – TT® Set of 3 straps for the Expedition 2 loading plate

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