Mounting kit for Rugged Tablet 7″/8″ – UNI – HORIZ. for Rally Kit E-Light (76 mm brackets) – Twalcom®

Mounting kit for Rugged Tablet 7″/8″ – UNI – HORIZ. for Rally Kit E-Light (76 mm brackets) – Twalcom®





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Dimensioni Tablet

7", 8"



Over the past few years we have designed, tested and industrialised a wide range of accessories dedicated to the Rally/Raid event landscape.

All accessories derive directly from the experience gained on the race fields and refined in the course of use.

The UNI 7′′/8” Rugged Tablet slide we designed and manufactured was specially crafted to accommodate most of the Rugged Tablets on the market. Thanks to its modular shape and the set of thicknesses supplied (which also act as vibration anti-cancellers) it is possible to easily and safely fix Rugged Tablets of different sizes and thicknesses (Kcosit/WLP, Soten/CARPE ITER, Samsung Active 2/3, etc.).

It is possible to place the different Rugged Tablets directly on the sleigh, without the relative original bases. At the first placement it is enough to apply the vibration damps in the necessary thickness, adjust the two asymmetrical side containment brackets so that they do not interfere with the various buttons or the power socket, close the upper containment with quick couplings and you’re done.

PRIORITY OF SUPPORT AND HORIZONTAL MOUNTING: The slide has numerous series of fixing holes so that it can also be easily combined with fastening systems other than Twalcom®. The multiple possibilities of adjustment and rotation on two different axes and the further possibility of adjusting the height/distance of +/- 3 cm. allows you to always find the best possible adjustment for the benefit of maximum visibility.

OTHER MOUNTING POSSIBILITIES: The sled also has the classic series of holes in its central part with Garmin center distances and RAM Mount. These also allow mounting with horizontal support priority, but also if necessary, the possibility of vertical mounting.

The entire system has been specifically designed to keep weight as low as possible and with the best possible assembly ergonomics in mind, making adjustment and fixing simple and very quick.

For heavy-duty uses, we recommend combining it with a reinforced steel frame.

Structure Features:

  • Rugged Tablet Slide in 3mm Anodised Peraluman.
  • Asymmetrical side brackets in 3mm anodised Peraluman.
  • Weight: 440 g. (screws included).
  • Quick-connect top containment and closure bracket.
  • Preparation for the anti-theft locking kit.


Package Includes:

  1. 3mm Anodised Peraluman Rugged Tablet Sled.
  2. Asymmetrical side brackets in 3mm anodised Peraluman.
  3. Quick-connect top containment and closure bracket.
  4. Ergal brackets lenght 76 mm.
  5. Two sets of 3mm. thick vibration anti-vibration thicknesses.
  6. Anti-theft locking kit.
  7. Assembly Instructions.


Available in colour: Black.



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