OffRoad Rear Luggage Rack KTM 790ADV – Twalcom®

OffRoad Rear Luggage Rack KTM 790ADV – Twalcom®


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It is the ideal luggage rack for the use of the 790ADV in OffRoad. Our product is made of high quality materials. It has a shape and size that optimizes the space available by allowing the natural immobilization of the luggage to minimize the lateral footprint. Numerous holes for fastening luggage with belts are obtained on the luggage rack. Mounting the Offroad Rack Plate prevents disassembling the passenger handles. It does not limit the use of original side cases.

The off-road luggage rack plate is already prepared for mounting both the Kriega® Rally Pack and the Enduristan® Rally Pack, the 100% waterproof bags ideal for off-road use (see the relevant product sheets).

Structure: Peraluman 5 mm. – stainless steel screws. Dimension: cm. 24 x 22.

Instructions: crystal-clear directions, drawn up in Italian, with photos.



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