Piastra paramotore Raid R1250GS/ADV-LC – Twalcom®

Piastra paramotore Raid R1250GS/ADV-LC – Twalcom®



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Black, Electric Blue, Silver


The skid plate is part of a family of products aimed at containing the heat perceived during use of the motorcycle.

This very robust engine guard plate designed and produced by us, in addition to being built with top quality materials, allows complete protection of the engine block, the manifolds as well as the front part of the muffler catalyst.

Not only that, the particular shape of the front and lower slots, as well as the deflector in the rear part of the engine protection plate contribute to the ventilation of the manifolds and the catalyst, facilitating the extraction of hot air.

When moving, this particular air ducting combined with the heat shield for the catalyst, code. AA.02.02986.001.017, emphasizes and increases air extraction and consequently heat reduction.

The new matt silver color gives the R1250GS/ADV LC a particular elegant and at the same time bold and sporty appearance. It is complete with anti-vibration supports and self-locking stainless steel screws.

Structure: Peralluman 6 mm.

Instructions: clear instructions in Italian with photos.




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