Rally Kit E-Light Q (h. 360 mm.) BETA RR/FACTORY M.Y. 2018/22 – Twalcom®

Rally Kit E-Light Q (h. 360 mm.) BETA RR/FACTORY M.Y. 2018/22 – Twalcom®


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Cupolini colors

Light Smoke, Transparent


“DESIGN PROTECTED by Akran Intellectual Property”

Racing Design e 4.230 lm.

The Rally Kit E-Light Q, equipped with windscreen with adjustable tilt and two LED lights, is expressly designed and manufactured for greater aerodynamic protection, greater field of view and greater safety in all situations of poor visibility. Assembly is quick and easy thanks to dedicated cabling. In fact, it is sufficient to detach the original connecter from the standard grille and insert the new connecter. The ignition will be driven directly from the standard lighting detour. It does not require any equipment and/or specialised labour. Everything can be assembled in less than 40/45 minutes.

For our Rally Kit E-Light Q we have chosen the new 4 LED Vision-X headlights, In our opinion they are to date for the high heat resistance, the brightness, the exceptional brilliance, and the field of view with double amplitude (2 x 10 ° and 2 x 25 ° for each headlight), as well as the incredible robustness and durability, among the best LED headlights on the market and also guaranteed by Vision-X quality. The energy savings generated by the mounting of LED headlights makes it possible to mount any additional instrumentation (GPS, Roadbook, Rugged Tablet or other) without putting the battery in crisis. The support frame is also prepared for a USB socket and offers ample space and protection for mounting a wide range of accessories.

All of our Rally Kits can be completed according to different uses: Adventure, Raid and Rally Racing. Please refer to the ‘Accessories for Rally Kit‘ page for more information.


Specifications Led headlight:

  •  Approval 10R-05.E9.22034 CE
  • Aluminum die-cast structure IP 69.
  • 2.115 lm. (RAW) – 4 x 5w. – DC9-32v.
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Amplitude 2×10° + 2×25° for each headlight
  • Dimensions: 70 x 82 x 49 mm.
  • Weight: 400 g. each
  • 24 month warranty.


Windscreen features:

  • Approval DOT 626 M5 32 AS7
  • Height 360 mm.
  • Adjustable Tilt
  • High Thickness


Rally Kit Overall Weight: 1,570 g.


Available with black anodised frame and Clear or Clear Smoked Windscreen.


Package includes:

  1. Anodised Peralluman support frame
  2. New high-thick Windscreen with adjustable tilt (height 360mm.)
  3. Dedicated graphic frame, colour Racing Red
  4. Two Vision-X 4 LED headlights with 10R-05.E9.22034 CE approval.
  5. Two fixing/adjustment brackets
  6. Dedicated ‘Made in Twalcom’ plug and play wiring for direct connection to original connecter
  7. Electrical mounting
  8. Assembly instructions


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