ROKstraps ROK 1400 – Enduristan®

ROKstraps ROK 1400 – Enduristan®


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The “ROKStraps” are the most practical, durable and resistant straps available on the market. The particular construction feature with slots at the ends, ideal for fixing on the frame tubes or any slots present on the majority of the luggage carrier plates, together with the elastic part, which allows the fine adjustment of the tension, make the ROKStraps the perfect straps for Adventure travels. ROKStraps elastic straps will accompany you on many journeys and breakage or failure will be just an old memory.



  • 100% natural rubber interior for the best possible elasticity and with a tear resistance of over 100 kg.
  • Exterior in woven polyester for greater resistance to wear and UV rays.
  • Adjustable from 400 to 1400 mm. Belt width: 25 mm.
  • Final part with eyelet.
  • Package content: pcs. 02.



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