Sensor Cable with 3-pole connector – Twalcom®

Sensor Cable with 3-pole connector – Twalcom®


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Over the past few years we have designed, tested and industrialized a wide range of accessories dedicated to Rally/Motorally races. All accessories are directly derived from the experience gained on the race and refined through use.

This Plug & Play wiring designed and produced by us allows the reading of the magnet wheel and the connection to the trip computer type ICO Racing and RNS. The cable is made of high quality materials, especially soft and able to withstand the extreme stresses derived from the use. A cable that stops the signal means “finished race”!

The package includes:

  1. Complete wiring of the magnetic sensor and 3-pin connector (length 150 cm.)
  2. Various material for assembly

Wiring is made with top quality materials and packaging Made in Italy.



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