Switch Protection R1200/1250-GS/ADV LC – Twalcom®

Switch Protection R1200/1250-GS/ADV LC – Twalcom®



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Special Parts Colors

Black, Electric Blue, Silver


The extremely robust protection for the stand sensor designed and manufactured by us is built with quality materials and allows the complete protection of the electrical sensor of the side stand particularly exposed to shocks and especially the contact with rocks and branches.

Available in three colors: silver, matte black and electric blu (Rally and HP). The new colors give the R1200/1250-GS/ADV LC a particularly elegant and at the same time bold and sporty. The protection and complete with brackets and stainless steel screws with self-blocking.

Structure: Peralluman 3 mm. supported by two stainless steel brackets

Instructions: Clear instructions in Italian with photos.



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