Trip Computer Rally MAX-G CAP (m.y. 2023) – ICO Racing

Trip Computer Rally MAX-G CAP (m.y. 2023) – ICO Racing


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NEW! Weighs 30% less than the previous version

The ICO Racing Rally MAX-G is the best known and most used Trip Computer in the world of Rally and displays all the necessary functions with simplicity and clarity. Extremely precise and reliable thanks to the double power supply (2 lithium batteries + 12V. DC), it allows use in competition both day and night. The backlit display allows clear reading even at night and / or in situations of poor visibility.

Equipped with a remote handlebar remote control, the Rally MAX-G is a device that allows the simultaneous measurement of the time and distance functions, with the possibility of intervening by making changes for a possible compensation and/or reset.

The ICO Racing Rally MAX has three basic functions: EDIT MODE, RACE MODE and CAP.

In EDIT MODE it is possible to calibrate the wheel circumference, a crucial operation for the accuracy of the measurements; Two formats can be shown on the display depending on the distance to be traveled and / or the degree of precision required: 99.00 or 999.9.

In RACE MODE it is possible to display the following functions: partial distance with the possibility of compensation and / or reset; total distance; instantaneous speed, maximum speed; stopwatch.

In CAP mode, thanks to the GPS antenna, the compass degrees are displayed.

In addition to this there is also a full time clock (even with the bike off) and automatic shutdown after two hours of inactivity.

Package includes: trip computer; GPS antenna; handlebar remote control with fixing bracket; trip computer / magnetic sensor connection whip; bracket for magnetic sensor; magnet; complete instructions in English and summary instructions in Italian. Power supply with 12V connection wiring. (included in the package).

Dimensions: mm. 93 x 47 x 30h. – Weight: gr. 120

All individual spare parts are available for the ICO Racing Rally MAX-G. See specific sheets of individual products.



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