Heat shield for catalyst R1250GS/ADV-LC – Twalcom®

Heat shield for catalyst R1250GS/ADV-LC – Twalcom®




“PROTECTED DESIGN by Akran Intellectual Property”

NEW for R1200-1250GS/ADV-LC – The catalyst heat shield is part of a family of products aimed at limiting the heat perceived while using the motorcycle.

The new anti-pollution regulations require increasingly high-performance catalysts which unfortunately have a side effect, produce heat. Heat so high that it is sometimes annoying.

This particular heat shield we designed and produced, in addition to being built with top quality materials, has been specially designed to reduce the strong heat perceived by the user and above all by the passenger. At slower speeds, the heat shield produces a sort of barrier against the natural rise of heat upwards and in dynamic phase, in movement, the particular shape allows the extraction and elimination of heat downwards.

This is all to the advantage of maintaining the operating temperature of the rear brake pump and shock absorber.

On the move, any combination with the Raid Engine Guard code. AA.02.02836.001.017 (specially designed with large front ventilation slots and rear deflector) emphasizes and increases the extraction of air and consequently the heat reduction.

Structure: Peralluman 2 mm. – stainless steel screws and fixing brackets.

Instructions: clear instructions in Italian with photos. It can be mounted without any modification and without disassembling other parts of the motorcycle  



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