Rally Kit E-Light 1 (h. 360 mm.) Husqvarna 701 Enduro – Twalcom®

Rally Kit E-Light 1 (h. 360 mm.) Husqvarna 701 Enduro – Twalcom®



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“PROTECTED DESIGN by Akran Intellectual Property”

ECE50.50R.00.0070 approved LED headlights – Windscreen with adjustable inclination (height 360 mm) with DOT 626 M5 32 AS7 approval

With our Rally Kit E-Light 1 equipped with windscreen with adjustable inclination and two LED lights expressly designed and produced by us for the Husqvarna 701 Enduro you will have greater aerodynamic protection, greater field of vision and greater safety in all situations of poor visibility. Assembly is very simple and very fast thanks to the dedicated wiring. In fact, it is sufficient to disconnect the original connector of the stock mask and insert the new connector. The ignition will be controlled directly by the standard light switch. No specialized equipment and / or manpower, nothing else is needed. Everything can be assembled in less than 5 minutes.

For our Rally Kit E-Light 1 we have chosen the new Single LED High Performance Super Slim headlights by Twalcom Racing, particularly suitable for this type of installation and above all by virtue of the extreme sturdiness, small dimensions, low weight, performance and of very low consumption (10 W.) with a saving of 15W compared to the original lamp. This energy saving makes it possible to mount any additional instrumentation (GPS, Roadbook or other) without putting the battery in crisis. The support frame is also designed for mounting a 12V power socket. and offers ample space and protection for mounting a possible GPS bracket.

ECE50.50R.00.0070 approved LED headlights – The package includes: support frame in anodized Peralluman – High thickness windscreen adjustable in inclination height mm. 360 – 2 single LED High Performance Super Slim headlights ø 50 (900/1100 lm. – 10w. – DC10-30v.) Amplitude 25 °, 2 fixing / adjustment brackets, direction indicator supports (right + left), dedicated wiring “Made in Twalcom” plug and play ready for direct connection to the original Husqvarna connector, electrical assembly material and assembly instructions. Led spotlight structure: in die-cast aluminum IP 68. Led spotlight dimensions: mm. 50 x 63 x 57. Led light weight: gr. 200 each Total weight: gr. 1,150.

Matching accessories: AA.03.01197.002.001 – 12V socket. complete with wiring and watertight fuse holder for additional instrumentation.

Available in colors: black anodized frame / windscreen mm. 360 Transparent or alternatively Light smoke.

Led headlights: 12 months warranty.

For more information, consult the product sheet relating to the Single LED High Performance Super Slim headlights by Twalcom Racing.




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