Remote Control for Electric Roadbook + 2 Trip Computer – Twalcom® by S. & B

Remote Control for Electric Roadbook + 2 Trip Computer – Twalcom® by S. & B


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Over the past few years we have designed, tested and industrialized a wide range of accessories dedicated to Rally/Motorally Racing. All accessories are directly derived from the experience gained on the race and refined during use.

The TT® by S. & B. Remote Control  finds its ideal use when you have the need to have well under control 2 trip computer as ICO Racing or RNS . Ergonomic and exceptionally sturdy (Aluminum CNC machined) The TT® by S. & B.  Remote Control allows, with the two levels of positioning of the buttons, the immediate identification of the first and second trip computer.

Easy to place on the handlebars and simple to connect thanks to the wiring plug and play for trip computer and 4-way connector for electric roadbook.

The package includes: remote control with handlebar mounting bracket, wiring plug and play for trip computer, 4-way connector male / female fastom included (to be wired depending on the type of the electric roadbook in use) and clear assembly instructions in Italian with photos.

Material: Aluminum CNC machined – Dimensions : mm. 40 x 85 x 35h . – Weight : gr. 300


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