Base + SPORT Luggage Rack Plate for R1300GS – Twalcom®

Base + SPORT Luggage Rack Plate for R1300GS – Twalcom®



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This very sturdy luggage rack plate, equipped with a DX+SX base fixed directly to the motorbike frame, has been specifically designed with the aim of centralizing all the masses. This translates into greater stability and agility of the motorcycle and less load transfer during braking and acceleration. The structure also includes two solid and robust ergonomic handles which are extremely useful when moving the motorbike from a standstill. The SPORT Base + Luggage Rack Plate system can be mounted on all configurations of the R1300GS, including those with radar and gives the new R1300GS a particular bold and sporty appearance.

Structure features:

  • 5 mm Peralluman plate.
  • DX+SX base in 3 mm steel. coated with high resistance epoxy acrylic resins
  • Ergonomic handles (removable) in aluminum coated with high quality epoxy acrylic resins resistence
  • Weight: 1,400 kg (handles and screws included)

The package includes:

  1. DX+SX base complete with handles
  2. Roof rack plate
  3. Stainless steel screws and inserts with self-locking inserts
  4. Assembly instructions

Available in Black colours



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