SPORT License Plate Holder for R1300GS – Twalcom®

SPORT License Plate Holder for R1300GS – Twalcom®



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With our kit it is possible to replace the standard rear mudguard/license plate holder with an extremely more compact structure and with a decidedly sporty look, in full compliance with current regulations (30° approved inclination). The particular shape was specifically designed with the aim of centralizing all the masses and reducing possible vibrations.
The SPORT license plate support can be mounted on all configurations of the R1300GS, even the version with rear radar as long as the radar is excluded and the rear SWW function (LANE CHANGE WARNING SYSTEM) is deactivated.

Structure features:

  • Bearing structure with 2 mm. steel vibration compensator coated with epoxy acrylic resins high resistance
  • Connecting element in Peralluman 2 mm.
  • Nylon connection cover
  • 3 mm Peralluman license plate holder.
  • Weight: 1,050 kg (screws included)

The package includes:

  1. Bearing structure
  2. Vibration compensator
  3. Connecting element
  4. Connection cover
  5. Membrane cable gland
  6. IT license plate holder
  7. Stainless steel screws and inserts with self-locking inserts
  8. Assembly instructions


Available in Black/Black colours




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